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needed: more politicians like this

Here's some news to brighten your day: Great Sasuke wins election. Yes, masked wrestler Great Sasuke became an assemblyman under his ring name and wearing his mask, and promises to keep the mask on in his political life as well.


Ha that's great, The Great Sasuke loses a match to a sidewalk curb.

Oh yeah personal Eltingville moment (I'll send this to Evan's site as well) that happened last night.

I was at this local video store (great place-has lots of variety, 4 for 3 deal and free popcorn). I was checking out the chop-socky section when I hear a big argument breaking in a nearby Animation aisle. Lo and behold, there were these two chubby, pasty looking guys in their mid-twenties who were both starting to turn bright red.

The first guy who was wearing a pair of glasses, yells out loud "HE IS TO A BERSERKER!!!". His 'friend' gets all huffy and says in this snotty voice "No he's not, he's just a fighter. Look it up in the Complete Fighter's Hand Book!". Glasses then goes "Well, if he's not a Berserker how come the show is called Berserk!" to which Snotty does this kind of nyah nyah motion and says "You're so stupid, he's still just a fighter in this show. He hasn't become a berserker yet, all the others will agree with me that's why I lead the club." Then Snotty walks away for a bit while Glasses is looking all despondent and mutters to himself "Well one day, I'm going to be right and then I'll be the one leading the club"

Just then this gawky adolescent kid comes around and goes "Wow they have Dark Stalkers!" I ducked back down in my little section and saw the three of them walk by me. Man, what a creepy bunch (this is all taking place in a public place with quite a few people around) and maybe even scarier is that I knew what the hell they were talking about (Please God, maybe someone shoot me if I turn into guys like them). And I don't if it was just one guy or all of them but HOLY CRAP! We are talking about black bananna ripe. I can't imagine how they smell like it if it's summer

Next thing you know Minnesota (or some other random state for that matter) will be electing an ex-wrestler/actor for the position of governor. Bah, that'll NEVER happen.

This just goes to show that stereotype about Japanese people being smarter than us is a load of crap.

I read about this the other day. He said that since the people elected Great Sasuke (as opposed to the guy he really is without the mask), then that's who they're going to get. Good to see him sticking to his guns on this, and good for the Japanese government for letting him (besides, it'll be a great PR coup... what visiting foreign dignitary isn't gonna want to meet this guy?)

Not that there's anything new with voting famous people into office. We've been doing it for years, obviously, but other countries do, too. Italy once had a porn star as a member of it's parliament, for cryin' out loud.

Well, in that case The Great Sasuke fits all your bills-he was a wrestler and also an ex-porn star!

I'm afraid to even tell you what I'm picturing now! (ex-porn star/wrestler)

I like Jesse for govenor. I almost moved in with my grandma (who lives in MN) when that happened!