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my host is not the most

Hello again, for those of you that noticed that this site went down again. I've had trouble intermittently for months now with the site going down, and other issues as well, but this is pretty close to the last straw. I've also seen a few people on various forums speculate that the company I use could be going under. So I'm currently evaluating options, and I need a good host company that is pretty full featured so I can run MT and anything else like that. One site recommended to me was ICDsoft, but their rankings don't seem to be very consistent, although they are cheap as dirt. Lunarpages gets really solid reviews across the board, but costs a bit more. Both definitely can be used for MT, though. So, I'm asking for recommendations from you guys on any host you or your friends have been really happy with, especially if you (or they) are running MT or anything with similar requirements. (In the meantime, I'm doing constant backups and mysql dumps just in case this company does go under!)

In non-annoying news, the new Iron Wok Jan is out (haven't read it though), just got that today and am looking forward to reading it. There's an interesting looking manga about a firefighter out, but I didn't pick it up. But I'm always glad to see manga that breaks the stereotypes on the shelves. Speaking of manga, I saw that Tokyopop finally announced that they'd be publishing non-Japanese books, and just in time too, since the first one came out already! It's a reprint of the Reality Check collection, and it still has my introduction in it (with a cute little 'Sarah writes Kodocha' line added).

To pick up the Queer as Folk comment discussion, the episode in question featured the pages of the fictional comic pretty prominently (and while I've never known anyone to string all their pages on clothesline in order, I wouldn't be surprised if someone's done it). As usual when seeing a fictional comic on screen, my initial reaction was "gah, that's so awful, no-one would put that out" but then I started thinking about the small press superhero books I've seen over the years, and they're often as bad if not worse than the "Rage" comic they were doing on the show. I didn't enjoy the show, however (too 30-something for me), so I doubt I'll make any attempt to see the big "comic book gets published" episode. (Besides, according to Evan's figuring, now that they've depicted a comic creator they should be bombing out any day.)

One last thought, because I need to get going—we saw a movie last night called Jesus Christ Vampire Killer last night, and I swear it was more entertaining than the last 13 movies we've seen put together. If you like low-budget goofiness, try to track this one down.


this sounds so familiar that i almost wonder if we use the same hosting company. i've been with featureprice.com for a while now. honestly i'm happy with them 98% of the time, but the other 2% i am driven to swear a lot and sometimes throw things. i am fairly certain their tech support people do not know english and just choose automatic replies based on words that seem familiar to them. their prices are great though, for everything i need anyway.

a friend of mine has used dreamhost.com for quite a while and has been real happy with them. they're the only place i've found that comes close to the deal i'm getting now... the only difference is they give you a lot less storage space. you can buy more but it seems a bit pricey to me. (really though, the only reason it's an issue is i host a lot of mp3s on my record label's site.)


i'm currently using Tigertech.net, which obviously can handle MT. only thing is, it does NOT currently offer database support, so if you're using mySQL with MT, it won't really help you...i'm using the BerkeleyDB option, which is how i'm getting away with MT. it might even be cheaper than dirt, however! XD

I don't even have a host (unless you count Geocities) because I'm poor and work at McDonalds, but I do know a website that uses Dreamhost, and it seems to work pretty well.

i'm in the process of switching to a new host right now, dixiesys.com. after a lot of searching, i read more praise about them than any other company. they seem to have a great support staff, and excellent prices. and of course they've got mysql, perl, etc.... moveabletype should be no problem.