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I'm back!

Hey to all of you who noticed the site was mia for about 2 days, several servers at my hosting co. were totally hosed, in fact 3 of them are still completely down but obviously this one's back up for now. I'm so annoyed that I didn't get to wish Astro Boy a happy birthday on the 7th!!

Anyway, more tomorrow, just wanted to pop in, back up my database and let you all know everything was a-okay. Hopefully.


Hi, I had a couple questions. First, I think it would be cool if you put up some tutorials on coloring (with whatever program you use). I have a little experience with Photoshop, but I have basically no idea what I'm doing.

Second, where'd you get the name Jinjur from?

Jared - I hadn't thought of putting up tutorials, mainly because everyone has such a different way of working I hate to tell anyone that my way is "right". But maybe...^_^
Jinjur comes from General Jinjur of Oz; it was actually a name I wanted to use for this big abandoned indie girl's mag idea I had years ago. Now, it's the name of my mascot cat.

It's not necessarilly that your way is right, but your way clearly works, where as my way leaves little white lines along the edges of everything. Anyway, it's just a suggestion, maybe Evan could put up drawing tips too.

Jared - two major things you could be having problems with: do not use the painbucket for coloring; and be sure that nothing in photoshop is set to antialias. No tools, nothing. And if you resize a file, always pick 'nearest neighbor'. I have somewhere, I don't know where, a long coloring thing I wrote up ages ago. I will see if I can dig it out, and if it's not in any shape to post, I'll send it to you.

Cool, thanks.