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at last, the fight is over

After I figured out the driver that was killing me, I got everything under control, and I have to say while I was not very thrilled about switching to XP, it does install things like a genius (as opposed to Win2K which just hated me). Of course, the important part was making the desktop look exactly the way I'm used to, with everything in the same place with the same icons. So, now I'm feeling much more comfortable. I haven't gone in and reset the sounds though, so I'm still like, "Ack! What was that?" every time there's an event sound. (Of course, a lot of these problems wouldn't have even happened if people didn't sell 60 GB harddrives with no partitions. What are they thinking?) So, now I just have to rebuild my old computer to give to Evan, and I can get back to work.

And I'll be getting back to work on Kodocha, which really was named "Best Manga" of 2002 by Wizard's new Anime Insider! Pretty cool, and very nice. I'll have to send them a little thank you note for the nice comments they made about me. (And thanks again to the anonymous poster who alerted me to the write-up!) So all smiles today.


Dear Sarah---
This has absolutely nothing to do with your previous post, but I just wanted to tell SOMEBODY that I ate some red meat today for lunch and now I feel more than completely hinky.
No, I could NOT get out of it. ( well, I COULD, but I didn't want to hurt my dear old host)...
(No, the napkin trick would NOT work).
Because she had servants!!!!And they were really spy-ish!
Your heartiest confessor,

Brad -
Your host had spying servants working at lunch, but not the forethought to inquire about your dietary preferences? Tsk tsk!
Hope you feel better...ginger, by the way, is a great digestive aid and helps with nausea too. If you can't find something with actual ginger to eat, some strong ginger ale will work too.