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why my life is sorry today

It's clear, sunny, and 48 degrees out. Mildly breezy. Absolutely gorgeous after the blizzard that just pounded us. And what am I doing? Fighting with the new computer system, which is driving me out of my mind. I will be staying in all day, attempting to work out whatever stupid driver conflict is keeping me from finishing my setup. Argh argh argh. At least I have 4 giant windows in my office, so I can enjoy the light and air, and hey, after reading the I Hate My Life site (thanks for mentioning it, Michael!) I really shouldn't complain about having problems with my new computer. Also, project #2 is finished, although with some problems—when I fished it out, I discovered that one of my beautiful casein needles (the one it was on) had gotten broken. I blame cats. And project #4, learning how to knit on DPs is also complete. Project #3, unfortunately is getting this &@#$%!! computer to work perfectly. Maybe I should just stick to the knitting…


Did you see that Wizard's Anime Insider named Kodocha the best manga and said you had done a great job adapting it?

No!! ::instantly perks up::

Is that a magazine or a web thing? (I'm so out of the loop)

In other news, I've identified the problem on the new computer, it's a single driver that completely kills the ancient monitor I borrowed (no new monitor, I like mine) to set up the system. Unfortunately, it keeps reinstalling because I need it for a number of things, and then on the next restart, computer is dead, I have to turn everything off, switch monitors, uninstall the driver again and then everything's fine for another 45 minutes. So remember kids, if you don't buy a monitor for a new system, make sure you've got a decent spare around to set it up!

now I must find this anime insider thing!

dear sarah;
We just got our new iMac G4 with an incredible 17 inch monitor!! and we just installed DSL.!!!
On the downside, I'm still balding and 20 pounds overweight.
life is good.
Your fan, Brad

Brad - congrats! Isn't a big monitor a good thing? I have a 17" trinitron I looove--if I'm ever at someone's house and they have a screen that isn't perfectly flat I'm like "wow, what's wrong with your monitor?" And broadband is good (if dangerous). And new computers are good, once you get them working!! ^_^

Urgh. Computer talk. Hurt Hulk's head.

Glad the weather cleared up in NY. The
weather here in Canada has been much
the same.

Yeah the I hate my life guy even
managed to evoke sympathy from
animators and that's with the constant
turf war between animators and writers
(the guy did Beavis and Butthead).
Hope no one else in the biz has this
happen including a certain dynamic
duo located in NY. I know how hand
to mouth this business can be.