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Can I stop myself?

The new system is all good to go, and I've got my old system apart to clean (and move a few things out of). While trying to decide which extras to put where (settled on USB 2.0 in Evan's system, Firewire in mine) I came across a gadget I really want in that I-can't-justify-it-for-one-sec-but-omigod sort of way. And I'm saying this as someone who succesfully did not buy the Hello Kitty USB hub back when it showed up. But this is killing me (and Evan too): the Hubzilla 4-port Firewire hub. Which I don't need in the slightest. But ooh, do I want it…he's even posable!! (I told Evan, well, someday I'll get an iPod and I'll hate reaching around back of the computer everytime I want to add a song, and he said, yeah right, while Asimo is going outside to bring in the mail.) Almost forgot to point out, ThinkGeek is an all-around cool site where I moon over stuff on a regular basis. If you haven't spent some time checking them out you really should.