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Get your own little weather girl (or boy)

I totally forget to mention yesterday that there's been some updating to the cooking lessons, incorporating comments and emails. I know I have some more info on other lessons saved but I'll have to find it…

Also, there's now camisoles available in our cafepress shop, which is, I suppose, really about my own wishful thinking about spring.

Poor Ev is working like a dog roman slave. An 80-hour work-week is a mere fantasy at the moment. But soon he'll have his Agent X fill-in all wound up and things can get back to normal. Speaking of which, I don't know Gail Simone (the current writer) at all, as far as I know we've never met her, but she has been nothing but gracious and friendly to Evan about his coming in after her. An absolute pro. Actually, "pro" doesn't cover it, considering how most so-called pros actually behave. A sweetheart.

And finally, you may have seen these little weather girls (boys are available too) on various sites and wondered where they came from—well, I did, anyway, and I went to the home base, The Weather Pixie and got my own. Since I don't think anyone really cares what my local weather is but me, I haven't added it to any pages, but opted to use it on my own computer so I can see the weather at a glace when I start work each day. (This is my own pixie, actually, so that's my daytime and weather there.) To get your own, go to the site and click on "My Pixie". You are offered a version for your active desktop, but I just took the html code and put it in my browser's custom start page.

note: I've exercised my prerogative to change my mind, and added my pixie to the sidebar, at least for now.


"Memento Mori"? Holy cats, what next? Barbara Pym's "Excellent Women"? (Which is great, by the way.)

I love the weather pixie, and considering I'll be living in your boro soon (thanks to you) you can bet I'll be checking the pixie out often!

Actually, I'm reading a Muriel Spark collection (3 novels in one volume, I forget what the 3rd one is). I just started "The Girls of Slender Means" last night. "Memento Mori" was really great, I'd never read any Muriel Spark before. Who knows what's next? It all depends on who drops books off at the Salvation Army...

Elayne - congrats! Did you rent or buy? Maybe I'll move the pixie over to the sidebar just for you ^_^.