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A few notes for a cold day

thum_pucca_08.jpgFor all the other Pucca fans out there, vooz has given Pucca her very own website with tons of new stuff that isn't on the vooz site. Most fun: 2nd link under "Pucca Is" for the interactive "Pucca's Room"; 1st link under "Amusement" for links to all the flash cartoons; under "Downloads" you'll wallpaper, icons, screensavers…and cross-stitch patterns. Yes, I said cross-stitch. There's also a game, but last time I tried to play it my broswer crashed and I haven't tried again.

I'm sure everyone's seen the Academy Awards Nominee list by now. The most amazing thing to me is that as far as I can tell, we have seen exactly one film on the entire list. (Far From Heaven.) We even have a copy of Spirited Away and we haven't had a chance to watch it. I am a little gratified to see that some of the major "we're-gonna-shove-this-down-your-throat" industry nomination campaign didn't pay off.

If you want to feel really cold, check out the newest photo at the No Bush art project website. (Umm, you should probably be over 18 to click that link, but it is art…). A friend of mine is (literally) freezing her ass off in the "N". (Although I'd rather be in clean snow than on the streets of NYC anyday.)

And finally, if anyone's sitting around bored at home (or, ahem, work), this would be a good time to check back in with the Distributed Proofreading project. They were doing really well for the last few months, but this month they are falling short of their goal every day.


Hey Sarah,
We've seen a few. Don't waste your time with "Adaptation" if you're in a rush to see any more of the nominees. "Masturbatory crap" about sums it up.
We haven't seen "Spirited Away", but we hear it has ghost pigs! And ghost pigs, as they say, is a good thing! Yes it is... or was that "Princess Mononoke?" Oh, the confusion...

Not ghost pigs. It has some great pigs though. I don't want to go into ANY details about the film because I don't want to spoil any surprises. I will tell you that the English voice actor who dubs the frog chef is the great Phil Proctor, Firesign Theatre veteran and well-known VO.

Miyazaki has some of the coolest swine around. Now if only we could get our computer's DVD player to work (something's wrong with the drivers or somesuch crap) we could catch up on a lot of the movies we missed last year.