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ooh, cute stuff!

mari-chan's icons After I finished up for the night (making my self-imposed work goal, yay) I decided to kill a little time weeding out my bookmarks. And I discovered that mari-chan, a Japanese artist (who's responsible for the icon set sampled at left, which happens to be the set every icon on my desktop is drawn from no matter what wallpaper I'm using) is going to be doing a stationery set for the Dark Horse Comics series of artist-designed stationery! Ooh, I cannot wait. Of course, actually getting around to using it will be a different matter. I still haven't even unsealed the last Shag set I got…oh well. Most of the other sets are pretty cool as well. Although it would be nice if they'd give a few more comic artists the chance to do illustrations.

A link I hadn't got around to even checking yet is for the Ground Force contest. If you've never seen it, Ground Force is sort of the gardening version of BBC's Changing Rooms, the show that Trading Spaces is a remake of. It's on BBC-America daily, and is probably our favorite gardening show. (Actually, it's the only gardening show we ever watch.) Anyway. They're going to do a season in the US, and you can enter to win a slot on the show (and have them redo your garden). Our yard is actually too small to even enter (only 17' wide) so I'm passing it on to all of you.

Over and out.