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I'm not going to say it, I'm not going to say it

So, I am now officially banning the phrases "well, things can only get better" and "well, it can't get any worse" from my life forever, because apparently saying them is nothing but a big ol' jinx! I am very tempted though, after having a really good workday yesterday and even though I fell horribly behind over the last few weeks, it looks like I'll be making my next deadline (Kodocha #7, on Monday) with plenty of room to spare. I was pretty pepped up to see that volume 6 was #29 on the top 50 list for February comic shop orders, and was (I think, I don't know all those titles) the #4 manga GN that month. In fact, every volume of Kodocha has been in the top 50—I had no idea. I've stayed pretty far away from listings and reviews and so on for the most part (manga fans can be really nasty and I just didn't need to hear it—although one of my editors has forwarded some really nice mentions to me, which is totally cool of her). Hopefully, it's done well enough that they'll ask me to do another book after it's over. We'll see.

Here's something that boggled my mind today: U.S. Patent #06368227. Which is a patent on…swinging sideways on a swing. And you thought granting patents on one-click ordering, or using frames in a website was insane? Paragraph 65 on page 5 (which continues onto page 6) leads me to believe the "inventor" is joking, but what crackhead granted this patent? I swear, sometimes I understand why people go crazy and stop paying taxes. Some further searching revealed the terrifying "Christ Within Doll"; this interesting comic book videogame, patented by Sega but never attempted as far as I remember; a comic bag, including the best Superman comic cover I've ever seen…and then of course I realized I wasn't working, so I stopped looking. But I'll be back…(bored? don't want to work? search for yourself, here.)


They did make that game. I remember seeing it on a clearance rack at Babbages years ago. Here's a link to a review of it: http://www.mobygames.com/game/sheet/gameId,3300/


Raymond; wow thanks! I had no idea! And it's available for as low as...wow, $2.50. I might have to check it out one of these days, I still have my Genesis (my brother has custody of the Sega CD though).