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a quick hello

hello, been awol for a bit, thanks to a excruciatingly painful toothache that I thought for sure had to be something needing a root canal, it hurt so bad. On top of that, the 24 hours before I got to my dentist, I took painkillers (because seriously, I wanted to just die) and of course, like I do to almost all medication, I reacted violently and got horribly sick from that. So that was a lovely combo of events. As it turned out, a root canal shouldn't be necessary (although it's a possibility later down the road). I'm still groggy from the new non-vomit inducing medication I'm on, plus I feel like someone punched me all over the right side of my face. I can't eat solid food, my head hurts, and I'm tired (and can't be around people, this medicine depresses my immune system. But geez! I didn't log on just to complain ^_^! Just letting you all know where I'm at, I should be back up to speed in a few more days. See you then!


wow, that sounds awful! hope you're feeling better soon. glad you don't need a root canal---don't know if you've ever had one before, but they're nasty.

i remember one winter being convince i had the world's worst sinus infection (and having never had one before, i didn't know any better). went to the doctor, who couldn't find evidence of any such thing but who put me on antibiotics anyway. eventually ended up at the dentist's through trial and error and found it was actually a badly infected molar that was causing the entire left side of my head to thrum as though a jackhammer were being applied to it. a root canal shortly followed. eee.

maybe some of your soup will help...? :)

Imagine me shouting this in a Gumby voice. "GET BETTER, TOOTH!"

aw.. i sure hope you feel better. i've only been to the dentist twice, once to get x-rays and once to get all my wisdom teeth pulled out at once (my parents were, well, thrifty). i was on so many drugs i remember nothing but a steady diet of soup and jell-o.
i sure hope you feel better! =^.^=

I hope you never, ever have to face the torture known as "root canal". Having gone through this a Five times, consider yourself very lucky indeed!

When I turned 37, my parents genes kicked in and my teeth and gums went wacky! (I will NOT go into the gum stuff)So, now I have to be extra carefull with stuff, not fun at all!


Sarah, even when you're in pain you sound so chipper. Get well soon!

i read you did have to get a root canal in evan's journal. get well soon!

Hope you're feeling better soon! I had five (count 'em, five) wisdom teeth taken out a few years ago. Oh, and while you're on a liquid diet. Don't eat grits. I tried that with the wisdom tooth thing and I just ended up making a huge mess. Grits everywhere!