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soup! and a followup

Finally, there's a new cooking lesson up! It's directions to make our absolute favorite winter soup, which I could probably eat all winter happily. Basically, it's a vegetable beef, heated up quite a bit with chilis of one sort or another (my basic version gets heat from cayenne, cumin and haba´┐Żero peppers, but almost any hot seasoning will work, and you can make a vegetarian version, too).

And to follow-up on an earlier entry, the Lawrence Lessig article I originally read about Salil Mehra's paper, Copyright and Comics in Japan is finally online. Whether or not you've actually read the paper, the article is a very interesting analysis of the subject, especially since Lessig deals with our own US copyright issues as part of his work. (See more about his own work at his blog.) I exchanged some interesting emails with Mr. Mehra, and I'm looking forward to seeing where he goes with this work.


grr, this didn't post the first time. hope it doesn't show up twice. XD

yay, soup! you've inspired me---i just posted up the recipe for this cream of broccoli, potato, and cheddar soup that we've been enjoying all winter. it's probably the favourite at our house for that. shall have to try that recipe you've posted---it sounds very good indeed! ^^

Soups, eh? Maybe this sounds gross but I like it. Take a can of cream corn, dump contents in a pot and then fill the empty can with water. Pour in the water and then you take an egg or two and crack them into cream corn. Stir it up and boil. Now you're ready to go.

PS: You might want to throw in extra canned corn niblets or else bits of chicken meat.

Mmm, the broccoli, potato & cheese soup sounds good -- I may have to try and see if I can adapt it to a smaller amount though, wow! That's a lotta soup! It also reminds me a lot of a potato, cheese & kielbasa soup I've made that we love, but that will pretty much konk you out after you eat it. Maybe yours will have less konk factor!

And the cream corn at first sounded kind of gross, but then I realized it's kind of like a quick corn chowder, isn't it? And I do love corn...

Heh, even I have to admit the cream corn soup idea sounds kinda gross. But they actually do serve it in Chinese restaurants in Canada (not sure if they do elsewhere in North America). The restaurants also serve a batter fried fish in cream corn.

They don't do that in Hong Kong (nor do they have fortune cookies) but Hong Kong serves a pretty mean platter of peppercorn barbequed chicken wings in Dim Sum. They also have this fried yellow sugar jelly cake thing (you can get the white sugar variety here in North America but they serve it cold and the white sugar version isn't quite as tasty as the yellow sugar version).

I used to know how to make Vietanmese
beef pho (broth soup), but I forgot and
am going to have to ask around.

Well that's enough of my babbling.
Take care

Michael -
I don't really want to think about food right now, but I have to say, I love pho! If you figure it out, let me know. I'm sure I have recipes somewhere but I always like to know how people have actually made stuff.

yeah, it is a lot of soup---but it's nice to have to come home to in the evenings during the week, as both of us work quite a bit and it's more difficult to whip things up during the week. i did actually make up some of that limpa that i mentioned in my blog, and made bread bowls with it this past weekend. even took photos, since they turned out so nicely---will post those up if the photos are alright.

got the ingredients to try to make your vegetable beef soup! will try it later this week---it sounds wonderful!

i ought to try my hand at gaeng juet woon sen. my aunt would be very proud. ^-^

hey, just wanted to say that i tried my hand at making your soup recipe last night! it turned out to be really, really good---and also, the amount of soup your recipe makes is only slightly less than what my potato-broccoli-cheddar recipe makes, to give you a better idea. ^^

i put it in some of the rye bread bowls i'd made; unfortunately, i'd accidentally put holes in both while carving them into bowl-shapes, so they ended up being bread-islands with little moats of soup around them (and soaking into them) and the solid parts of the soup hiding in the bread. but it was still really, really good. ^-^