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...and the kicker was...

I did have to have a root canal, but in a different tooth. (The root canal wasn't so bad, compared to what was going on there. I've had my share already, so that was nothing new. The bad part was being nearly unconscious because the only painkillers I don't have terrible side effects from are the ones where they're like "we'd really rather not give you that because someone might kill you for it after you leave here". So my choice is generally nothing, or something that makes me vilely ill. This time around I mainly went for nothing.) thanks so much to everyone who wrote or posted, I'm feeling much more like a human again and hopefully a few more days of anti-biotics and I'll even be able to eat solid food again. It's been so long since I had solid food, I turned on the TV this morning while having my 2nd-to-last anti-inflammation pill with my 100th something-or-other-shake and I was like, "Ooh, Lean Pockets, that looks good. NO THAT DOESN'T! I HAVE LOST MY MIND!" Anyway, still pretty tired and groggy but just wanted to check and say hi to y'all and thanks for the well-wishes! And hey, at least it's keeping me out of the cold. In from the, I mean. See you again soonest!


root canals really arent that bad... compared to the pain preceding it. i had a front lower tooth go bad on me after some fillings and i couldnt even breathe in thru my mouth without my eyes watering... and if my tongue happened to touch it... forget about it. i was on the floor in the fetal position.

of course during the root canal the sadistic dentist SHOWED me the nerve he yanked from my tooth... that was a visual i wont soon forget.

(hi by the way! tod from Young American Comics (.com) here... i think we maybe met at SPX last year? stumbled over here from evan's LJ but didnt have any comments for his rants so i decided to stop by and see what the haps were on this side of the internet... glad you're feeling better... dental pain is the all time worst!)

Ouch! I hear ya, Sarah. I've been there, and have a very un-fun extraction (one of my wisdom teeth) coming up, probably next week. Here's to better teeth and better times!

Ouch, hope you get better soon? It'll be
awhile before I can get that pho recipe
off that co-worker of mine (we work
different shifts) the only thing I
remember is 1 or 2 staranise. Supposedly
this is authentic pho whatever that means.

In your Action Girl comics, you're
looking for dynamic and intrepid girls
right? Well at least in the cartoon
world, there's evidently going to be
2 series ported over from Japan.

One is Pretear-New Legend of Snow White
and the other is Juuni Kokki:
Twelve Kingdoms. Both of whom have
girls as their main characters. I
never seen them and I can't comment
but I hear good things about them.
One series I have seen a bit of is
Noir and it does a lot of cheezy
things yet it comes out appealing to
me. The main characters are also female
and one way to describe is Contract
Killer the musical.

Michael - thanks for the info! I think I might have a fansub of Noir hanging around. But I've never even heard of those other two shows. I'm so woefully behind on anime it's not even funny. I was looking forward to seeing Lain on TechTV but they ran it while I was sick! But I'll make note of those two titles and keep an eye out for them.