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even more happy birthday

Had a nice birthday yesterday, and my big present was a gamecube, yeehah! Plus the GC Resident Evil game I've been mooning over for months. So that's all I did last night…got a lot done before yesterday this week, so all in all an a-okay week, at least until one of the cats completely flipped out and smashed through a bunch of stuff last night, destroying one of my favorite vintage glasses in the process. (But I'd rather use stuff and risk it than just, I dunno, keep it in a case and look at it? Boring.) And got a new project underway, which hopefully I can open the project section with in another week or two. Preliminary results successful, so things are looking good…Since it's Saturday, I want to let you know that you can hear our favorite radio program on the internet tonight (8pm EST): Danny Stiles' Big Band Sounds. We listen to him all week on other local stations, and he's worth catching. Danny's been doing this for over five decades now and he's got an amazing collection of music (and it's not just big band, actually). He also does his own ads and announcements, so it's very old school, although he tends to get a little wacky sometimes.