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happy early birthday to me

What a long weekend! Family came Sunday to bring me an early birthday present (an exceedingly cool Lucille Ball doll, you'd have to see it…) so lots of cleaning, plus work, plus etc. The Spin issue came out with our Moby strip (back page), which printed well and didn't upset me. I got the new webstore finished (although there are still some items to be added). And I'm prepping for Kodocha six. And sure enough, I didn't remember to watch pretty much anything on tv. I did catch the new Birds of Prey pilot, and it was a real improvement over the one I saw. Still clunky but with some definite potential. I don't think it'll interest anyone who doesn't already like superhero stuff though. But the tv-watching highlight of the week was Val Lewton night on TCM last Thursday. I'd seen just one of the films they'd shown already, so now I've seen almost every film he made. (This Thursday's Halloween theme is "Robert Osborne's Picks", a good-looking line-up, except I've seen them all already.)