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Birds of Prey and other TV

Busy day getting a new webstore ready to launch. Those codes are making me go blind! I saw a listing for the new Birds of Prey TV show that starts this week, which I am actually going to try and check out. I did see the pilot a while back, and was surprised to like it, even though it suffered from pilot-itus like most things. If you like superhero stuff, give it a chance. Of course they retooled it so maybe it really stinks now, don't blame me if it does! I generally never watch primetime television but I'm going to try and remember to watch. I also want to check out the new Alfred Molina show, Bram and Alice, although I'm afraid it will be too precious. I did get to see a couple episodes of CSI recently, thanks to our truck stop sojourn, and I liked it. Although I think I mainly liked it because their big visual gimmick is swiped from very much like the one used in a 1998 Japanese forensics drama I loved called Kira Kira Hikaru. Truthfully, I'll probably end up not watching any of them…thank god for Turner Movie Classics.