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truly local weather

It's beautiful out, which reminds me of something I keep meaning to mention here. I've always been annoyed by weather forecasts. Living in the NY metro area means that a forecast you hear could very easily have no relation to where you are. I live about 12.5 miles from the weather station (Central Park) most reports are based on. I did find I could get better reports by looking up a city that's actually closer, but still, it was 10 miles away. But one day, I stumbled across a personal weather station that is in my neighborhood. No forecasts, but accurate weather information from just blocks away. How cool is that? And if I knew how to forecast weather, I'm sure I could from all the info they provide. I had never even heard of this concept before, but apparently it's becoming pretty popular because of the web. So try and see if you can find your own truly local weather! You've got a couple of options. First, try Weather for You, a big compiler of private station info. Also try Roswell Weather, or doing a websearch for "private weather station" plus your area. When you find a station, see how far it actually is from you by looking up latitude and longitude and then plotting the distance between you and the station. And then you'll always know if you need a jacket or not before you walk out the door!