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(wiping a little sweat off the brow...)

finally got the kinks worked out of the new layout. Okay, MOST of the kinks. I'm sure I'll find plenty of things that aren't working or that didn't transfer well over the next few days -- and please let me know if you spot anything!

(yeah, for example the archives didn't rebuild at all. okay, sorry about that but I'll try and figure it out this weekend.) Never mind, I just needed to clear my firefox cache. Oops!

updated again -- backed up everything morning and somehow that made the site revert back to several old templates. ARGH!! Some of it is fixed back up but not all.

Okay. Looks like everything's working. Please let me know if you find any more glitches!


It's *cute!*

Why, thanks ma'am!!! ::blush::

very cute! but
if I click on the first two links under MORE!
I get my fingers slapped!


Kathryn -- did you actually see the gingham background version? Looks like a bunch of files reverted and hosed the site (that's why those two links didn't work, although they just lead to boring-ness anyway....) And of course the backups got hosed as well so I have to do a bit of yesterday's work over again. Movable type...I love it, I hate it.

ah'm seeing gingham now.
molto charming.

coffee... I love it, I love it.