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So, in tiny bits and pieces of free time, I've been trying to slowly implement some of the changes I've wanted to make for ages around here. Mainly, to merge all the parts of this site into one single entity that I can use Movable Type to manage, redesign things and also streamline all my various hosting, registration, etc accounts. Things are going slowly but I've gotten a few big things done, like upgrading to a nice, supported paid version of the new MT 3.2 (there's no time like the present to do so, the basic license is almost half off through the end of the month!); getting my domain registrations cleaned up (there were some problems with the original registrations a decade ago that I Just. Finally. Got. Fixed!; and incorporating the cooking and d.i.y. sections of the site into the main section.

You'll notice the new "cooking" category which has the new MT-entry versions of all the original pages, cleaned up and updated (although it looks like some more work is needed), as well as the near-empty D.I.Y. category. The original cooking pages are all still in place for the moment, but as soon as I'm sure the new ones are all fixed I'll be deleting them. I will be sad to see my little graphics go -- unfortunately my understanding of CSS is what you could safely call REALLY LIMITED and the time I have to learn more about using them? Yep, that's right, REALLY LIMITED. But it'll all get there eventually.

One big setback; the new hosting company I was trying out with the House Of Fun site was sold/transferred and the new plans are drastically different and unusable for me (among other things, the basic plan went from 1GB disk space to 50MB. ?!?!) and of course, I hadn't had the time to sign up and transfer this site...so now I'm back to looking for a new and cheaper hosting company because with Baby Emily in the house, cutting back on expenses is a must.

Anyway, that's where it's at. Now that cooking and D.I.Y. have become categories of the journal, expect actual new entries!! yay!!