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Please welcome Miss Emily Jane Dyer!

Less than a day old, and ready to sharpen pencils and spot blacks!


congratulations and all the best!

She looks so tiny! And beautiful. And perfect.

This is the HOF's best collaboration ever. Best wishes!!!

She is so very adorable, Sarah. Congrats again to you and Evan! Hope you get some sleep and time to recoup. xx

I dunno .. something about the eyes tells me that this is Emily Who Must Be Obeyed. But you probably already know if she is.

That baby is mighty mighty cute.

She's absolutely gorgeous, Sarah! So, when's her first convention? I've been practicing my ooh's and aah's. :)


That is a cute kid.


Congrats on your very own Action Girl!!!!

Now THAT is one cute kid! Good job to the both of ya ;)


You two do good work.


Ahahhaaah! Been waiting for a picture of your little one.
She's gorgeous. Congratulations again, kids...

i don't know what to say. she's adorable. i'm really speechless.

Now that's a face made for kissing. In case my well wishes didn't migrate over from Evan's LJ, congrats to all three of you.

Why, thanks, everyone! ^_^ I think she's mighty purty myself, but I am slightly biased. I think she's even cuter now, 2-1/2 weeks on...then again, she'd need to be darn cute to make me put up with the 24-hour eating-sleeping-machine stage that she's in!

She will probably make her first "appearance" at Mocca, since that's the first show we'll be doing. Not sure how we're going to handle that, actually, since there's no way I'd try and make her take 2 days of that...but she'll be there at least a little bit for oohing and aahing!!

Gorgeous kid.
I'm sure she'll grow up to be every bit as special and fun as her parents (and hopefully take after mom in the looks department :p)

She is so pretty. What a lucky girl. I love it when they put those little shirts on them in the nursery and they flop around with the long sleeves. My Evie looked the same way.
Congratulations and NICE WORK!

congratulations! best of luck to all three of you! :)

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Thank GOD, You found out something, that this world realy need.

Wow! She's such a cutie! Congratulations.