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hello everyone

thanks everyone for all the well wishes and congrats -- if you don't know what I'm talking about, our daughter Emily Jane Dyer was born last week on December 30th. Evan posted the news so you probably saw it there. He'll be the main point of contact for a while as I recuperate and we both adjust to baby. Here's to a happy new year for us all!


Hearty congratulations and well-wishings, Ms Dyer - and many happy returns to baby Emily...

That's great news for the 3 of you!!! Get well soon!!!

Thirty-four hours in labor!?! Umm, can I offer you some soothing heroin or something, or will that fuck with the breastfeeding?

Anyway, congratulations on Emily's safe arrival.

Congrats to you and Evan! Feel better soon!

Congratulations! You made a human!

I should probably warn you that newly made humans tend to be sticky. I think I kept a (clean) cloth diaper on my left shoulder for my son's entire infancy. There was a lot of blurp. Which is very different from the stuff that comes out the other end, which we called "splortch." (It really did make that sound.)

Hooray for you and Evan! Emily's going to be the coolest kid on the block.

Thanks again, everyone! Dirk -- funny, heroin isn't even on my list of drugs and how they affect milk...hmm, do you think that means it's safe? So far, almost no blurp, because Emily is a very good belcher. She's got plenty of time to barf all over us both though. And Matt, I hope she is! Well, on this block she's a shoo-in, actually...
Amd yeah, 34 hours...I don't recommend that to anyone!