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I love new miracle products

It's amazing how there are products coming out these days that really are as "new and exciting" as they claim to be. Take the Magic Eraser, which really might as well be magic, it works so well. We've used them to clean things nothing worked on for years. Tonight, my new miracle product I'm in love with is the J&J Advanced Care bandage system. After getting a rave recommendation from a good friend, we picked some up yesterday to try out on Evan's nasty scrape. I'll let him explain why we had to replace them after just 24 hours -- but I have to say, the difference underneath was astounding. Between myself and my four brothers, I have been looking at scrapes and cuts and scabs my whole life, and I've never seen anything heal like that. We'll be using them until the arm is better, and I think he might actually escape with minimal scarring (and it is certainly a better option for day-to-day wearing, especially on a drawing arm!). I looked them up and they come in small sizes too -- including a special "finger wound" assortment. Not that we'd need that around here or anything. I'll definitely be stocking the first aid box with these from now on! Next time your arm looks like unbaked pizza, you should check them out too!


You'll be even more in love with the Magic Eraser once the Little One to Be comes along!

And his arm will have radioactive super powers after coming out of the bandage, yes? Will he fight Hulk Dogs?