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halloween begins!!

My favorite holiday is officially on the way! (I think September should be off-limits for Halloween stuff, as far as I'm concerned it's just the whole month of October.) And this year you can all start the Halloween season with the October 1st showing of the Scary Godmother special on the Cartoon Network! Yay!! It's going to be on at 8pm EST. So fix yourself some creepy halloween recipes, curl up in front of the tv and kick off the holiday season!!


Huzzah, Scarry godmother! We found it last week when scanning TIVO for programs. I'd heard about it a year or two ago, and am excited to see it. I like to hear what you think of it when all is done.

I love October because my birthday's here, but also Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos. This year I want to make sugar skulls, but have always been baffled: what holds them together? I see that a lot of websites on the subject recommend "meringue powder", so if I can get some, I'll realize my dream of having a skull with my name on it in icing!

sugar holds itself together pretty well actually without much work (think of panoramic easter eggs - they just use superfine sugar that's been dampened, and they hold together for years!) I think sugar skulls need the meringue because the have a lot more detail. BUT, I do happen to have a link to a non-meringue recipe for sugar skulls: http://www.inside-mexico.com/calaveras.htm. If you decide to go the meringue route, you can find it at any craft store that carries wilton cake supplies usually.

Every year I mean to make some (and to use my skull bread pans, too) but I never manage it. Phooey!