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In some downtime

After all the insanity of the last few weeks, we took a day off yesterday to just catch our breath (although we did spend some of our time picking up much needed stuff for the house). Nothing is as relaxing as an afternoon at Mitsuwa. We meant to watch another DVD from my dad's Alec Guiness collection we borrowed, but we ended up watching the History Channel's special on superheroes instead. It was interesting, and worth watching, but had many of the usual problems you get when comics are covered, especially the super-stuff. Including dizzying camera tricks that someone came up with because looking at a comics page would apparently be too boring, and the usual trying-to-make-too-much out of superheroes blathering. All of this affected by the weirdness of seeing people you know on TV. My favorite sound bite (well, here it's a text bite I suppose) was that when the Hulk gets mad he goes on a "tirade". Now that would be a funny comic. It's also disappointing to see Denny O'Neil disavowing his New Wonder Woman run as crap when—while I understand why feminists had a problem with it at the time—it is the best that book has ever been as far as I'm concerned. An immortal, super-powered goody-two shoes (lesbian and S&M subtexts aside) is just so boring. But someone who gives up all that, says goodbye to her family, and still puts herself on the line to fight evil, now that is a hero.

MOCCA was a resounding success as far as we were concerned. (I imagine it was a success all around judging by the crowds all day and the smiles at 7pm—but having spent nearly every moment at the table I really can't gauge how everyone else did.) We had a great crowd at our table pretty much non-stop, got lots of books into people's hands and met tons of cool readers. (And in the brief lulls, got to socialize with our friends and table-neighbors Jimmy and Amanda.) The show has definitely hit a critical mass though, and they're obviously going to have to do something to accomodate everyone next year. Possibilities include moving to a bigger space or expanding to two days. I think going to two days would work, but I don't know if the Puck building on a Saturday is going to be affordable, even for a successful and popular show like MOCCA. Anyway, wherever and whenever, I'm sure we'll be there next year. One interesting thing was the huge response we got to both our blogs—I doubt it's normal in the blogging world to get more response in person that you actually do online! It was great to hear from so many regular readers (and hi to all of you showing up today!) There were too many people to hook up with afterwards, so we ended up wedged into the Torc Room downstairs at the Puck Fair across the street with a small group. Food was good, our server was awesome and the company was excellent. It did keep making us want to sing "In the TORC ROOM, TORC ROOM, TORC ROOM" to the tune of Electric 6's "Gay Bar" though. Which was probably kind of obnoxious.

Exhaustion from MOCCA was one reason we took yesterday off, the other was to cheer ourselves up after we learned that the feral mother cat we'd finally trapped to get spayed and vaccinated had FIV, was going into the critical phase of the infection and had to be put to sleep. Evan wrote about this already, but to give you a little background: this is the mother of the two kittens I rescued, socialized and placed last spring, as well as the mother of the previous year's rescue, a badly injured kitten who not only recovered but now is as healthy as can be. She had two kittens this time around, one of whom has vanished—but the smaller one is now under observation at my dad's vet, has tested negative for FIV (and FELV), been fixed (ouch!) and will be back here for socialization later this week if we can find him a home to go to afterwards.

Anyway, that's it for now. Got loads to get done so I can start on the very last Kodocha (snif, snif). See you around, cats and kittens!


The final Kodocha. What plans after that?

heh, that's got to be amusing...looking at something like that on TV and going "hey, i know those people!" we watched it over here, too---hadn't known in advance it was going to be on, but found it in the listings and kept watching because it was put together fairly well. a nice overview---it wasn't really the most in-depth thing ever, but you aren't going to get that in a two-hour program geared towards a super-general audience anyway.

don't know if you know Neil Gaiman and/or read his weblog, but he said something about not really thinking he'd lost a whole lot of weight, and then watching the program the other night with his daughter and realising that yes, he had lost a bit of weight in the past year. i just think it'd be odd to see myself on TV in such a fashion. :)

hope you (and Evan) are just the right level of busy soon! oh, and new recipe is up; still not the pumpkin soup, but it's a bit hot for that right now. :)

We watched the superhero thingie too and I'm so glad to hear another woman say the same thing! I really thought that Wonder Woman was much more intriguing. I actually thought we might have seen you guys on the show!

Lots of sympathy on TLG's passing. I know how hard that is. The pic you posted in Evans journal was so sweet. She looks a lot like my gal Zelda.

Any chance of a link to janaki's recipe's? :) I'm always on the lookout for more good ones. btw, I made your soda bread! YUM. good stuff.

Michael - do you mean post-Kodocha manga plans or everything? My main plan is to finally whip this house into shape and work on the CN development for the next couple months. But manga-wise, I don't know. I'm working that out with my editor right now, but as soon as we've figured it out exactly I'll let you all know.

Janaki -- I'll go and check your recipe in just a minute! Yeah, you might as well put off that pumpkin soup for a few months...I did make one final batch of my winter soup last week (2 weeks ago, actually) since it was so chilly and nasty. Mmmmm....yeah, it's always weird to see yourselves on tv, when we were on the Anti-gravity Room on SciFi (two different episodes) it was just so...squirm-inducing.

tulip - you'll find janaki's recipes at: http://kerfuffle.org/spoonlicking/ And I'm so with you on the "new" WW. I was lucky enough to find someone's bound copies of WW years ago, two volumes that encompassed the entire "new" series. And I even got Dick Giordano to sign one volume, and he drew Diana for me, two. He wasn't apologetic at all, he said he was proud of the issues he worked on and was happy to see someone young who liked them.

Alec Guiness rocks. You have to get a copy of the audiobook of him reading his autobiography that came out a few years back. It's good stuff.

Thanks for the link to spoonlicking! I love it!
I thought I'd let you know I made your soda bread tonight. I added a tsp of Chinese 5 spice powder and 4 tsp of sugar to the recipe and it is really yummy! I might try some french toast in the morning with it.