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kitten update

No time for a real entry or even the link collection I've been building up, we're back up to busy-level-five thanks to some roadblocks on a job… (Not Kodocha, though, don't worry!). But wanted to update everyone on the kitten situation. He's doing fine, and he's in good health if undernourished. He doesn't even need the socialization I'm supposed to be doing with him this week, all he wants is to cuddle and go to sleep on your lap. Right now we're waiting on answers from two different prospective adoptive parents (see his "adopt me" page) before going to round two—and he needs to be placed as soon as possible! He's so outgoing and talkative (unlike his previous three brothers, or half-brothers, anyway) that he's really freaking the cats out, Pixie especially, who is sulking around the house. Pixie hates this whole thing so much, that to get from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor, he has to run all the way past the bathroom where the kitten is, hissing and spitting the whole time. And he never acts that way over anything.


Good luck with finding the kitty a new home. I'm not even a cat person and I think he's really cute.

On an unrelated note, you and Evan are Milton Caniff fans, right (I seem to recall reading that in an HOF update at some point)? There's a book listed in Previews this month (don't remember the publisher... Checker Board Press, maybe?) that collects the first year or so of Steve Canyon. It's only around $15, so it might be worth checking out.

This is Zeppo from Liveournal Land, and I wanted to spook you right off the bat by saying I think you are so swell you're swollen.
I apologize for being a nerdy fan, but I figure I couldn't possibly be THE nerdiest fan you've got... at least that is what allows me to sleep at night.

Anyhow, the kitten is terribly cute and my man and I have been considering getting an additional cat. The problem is we live in Atlanta. If you are still having trouble finding adoptive parents for the kritter down the line, let me know and maybe we can arrange a trip.

Bill - dang, and we already tossed the new previews! Neither of us caught that -- I'll ask Evan to look in a copy tomorrow and get the scoop. We have some of the old Kitchen Sink Steve Canyons, but haven't been able to complete the run. Not that we've really tried that hard...

Sarah/Zeppo -- so swell I'm swollen? yikes!! Thanks for the offer! I'm hoping we get him into a home by the weekend, but 2 prospective parents have fallen through already. But I've got 2 more people considering him, so fingers crossed. Hopefully I'll have an update soon! (PS, I have bookmarked your LJ for later perusal -- it gives me a headache in Opera and I only fire IE up every couple days or so...I did have to finish your entry about Nelson first though! EEEEEK!!!!)