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High Art in low places

hi-lo.jpg Check out these separated-at-birth images here! The one on the left is part of the design on the Alexander Girard "Madonna" pillow, designed in the 1960s by acclaimed artist/designer Girard (available today in reproduction form). On the right we have a t-shirt worn by the newest Jade doll from the Bratz line. Evan got me this Jade last week as a present (for never getting to leave the house because all we've been doing is work!) and I looked at her shirt for a couple days, thinking "I'm sure I've seen that somewhere," before my memory finally sparked enough for me to go look up the original design and figure out why I thought I knew it! Personally, I think it makes for a cuter shirt, and I think it's really funny that little girls everywhere are playing with a doll that references some serious design work. (She also wears a blue crinoline, blue lace-up boots, and sports a bowling bag. Very 80s-via-21st century, no?)

The second funny thing related to this Jade doll—when I went to find the amazon listing to link to it, I discovered for the first time what should have been obvious: little kids writing amazon reviews of toys!! The reviews of this Jade absolutely killed me. Especially the girl that complains about her and then says "She looks like a punk, anyway." And the girl who didn't like her, but warmed up to her and now has "this Jade and 15 other bratz dolls, the salon and spa, hair studio, the beauty bed, the lounge, a couch, the car and a table" and then advises you: "So take my advice and buy this toy! you will be happy!" I am happy.


How nice to find you online! I'm a big fan of your work!

Too cool about the Jade doll. One of my favorite weird things like that : One summer I worked at a daycare center and we watched movies in the afternoon. We were watching The Little Mermaid for the umpteenth time and I happened to glance at a painting in Ariel's grotto. It was Mary Magdalen by Georges De La Tour. An amazing painter who is one of my favorites. Needless to say I provoked howls of indignation from little girls all over the room by pausing and rewinding at least twice to make sure I was correct. hee.

those girl-reviewers on amazon were all bashing the skirt as "too frilly." the skirt was my favorite part! i have this awesome doll i bought at wal-mart a year or so ago, she is a soft "hook-ups" doll named jess, with purple hair done "bjork style" (all twisted up in knots) a green button-down shirt, and a frilly pink ballerina skirt. this line of dolls had those little clippy things on their heads so you could attatch them to bags and such - mine is hanging from my rear-view mirror. :D

tuliptoe - what a great story! And thanks ^_^...

holly - I agree, the skirt rules. If the doll I saw had been packaged in the other outfit I wouldn't have looked twice at it. I vaguely remember those hookups dolls...but I'm not sure. I'll have to keep an eye out for those again!