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yah! I'm back!

Got that minor little server problem ironed out…lots going on, slipped up to the top level of busyness. So just a couple quick notes before I start forgetting them all:

Astro boy has been confirmed for Kid's WB!

Been reading Science Blog a lot lately, pretty great stuff.

And here's a great article from the NYT about asian ghost movies, basically, exploring why they do the supernatural so differently from us (and some would say, better). They specifically discuss the HK movie The Eye, which we saw a while back. I totally recommend it if it plays near you. Very creepy and effective (although, don't think I'm saying it's the greatest movie ever, but it's good).

And speaking of asian film, here's an interesting look at the state of animators in Japan right now. (Today's new word: kime, those pauses and stills in Japanese animation.)

Finally, I checked in at BookCloseouts the other day to see if anything I wanted was remaindered, and they've got a big children's book sale going on. Don't know how much is left, but it's not often you can find cool books by artists like David Kirk for $1.50 a pop. If you need to come up with kid gifts over the next year or so, it might be worth stocking up (books suitable for up to teens are in the sale, too).

Anyway, that's all for now. See you soon!


I was going to change my name to Hupta Gupta, but now I have decided to change it to Oxide Pang.