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the club has closed

Last night we were looking for something to watch at 1am, and because our cable system plays your last-viewed channel in the corner of the listings, we always put it on something innocuous like a music channel. I set it to MTV2, which was showing 120 Minutes, but before I popped the guide on, we noticed that Matt Pinfield was sitting there. And, "hey, that guy, it's whatshisname who was the old host, Dave Kendall". We decided to watch and see what on earth they were doing on the show, and it turned out it was the very last broadcast of 120 Minutes ever. Now, it's not like we've actually gone out of our way to watch the show in a good 5-6 years, probably, but it was still weirdly sad to see it go. Sort of like when you find out some actress you like in old movies has just died, and you didn't even know they were still alive. We ended up watching the whole 2 hours of "classic" 120 Minutes videos (apparently all picked by Matt Pinfield and Dave Kendall), most of which we hadn't seen in ages. The final video of 120 Minutes was Siouxsie & the Banshees, "Kiss Them For Me". And then that was it.


Awwww crap!!! I had no idea 120 min was even still around (see how long it has been since I watched MTV or M2) I do have VH-1 "classic" on my cable system and they do these blocks or programing. The one that's the must fun (or very scarry, depending on what "they" play) is called "We are the 80's"

Now if only we'd get "Boomerang"

"we are the 80's" is the only good thing on television these days!! (Besides Jon Stewart's show and "What not to Wear..." and "Manor House' andandand...)
Kim Wilde! Kakgoogoo! Thompson Twins! Bowie singing "Boys Keep Swinging"! Janet Jackson when she wasn't scary!
I just turned 40, and this is the soundtrack of my twenties.
I don't understand the voice-over, however--the big-ass font (from the cool "Choose Life "t-shirts from Frankie goes to Hollywood) I get, but who is the voice supposed to impersonate?

I thought 120 Minutes was killed off years ago, but then again, I haven't really seen MTV2 for more than 10 minutes since I graduated college (razzafrazza stupid cable system). I used to love that show... one of the very few outlets on MTV that actually showed something other than the same 10 rotation videos (even back in the early/mid 90s, before the channel got REALLY bad). It'll be missed.

What about that MTV show that was on before 120 minutes?? It was called something like the 'Post-Modern Hour, Half Hour Show' or something like that. It was hosted by Kevin Seal and since it was half an hour, there were only maybe three or four "post-modern" videos shown. I remember praying each time that they'd play a New Order video that was NOT Bizarre Love Triangle!


I don't remember the show you're talking bout, xtine, but I didn't have MTV back then anyway. I remember there was a show called London Calling that people would talk about but I never saw that either so I have no idea if it was any good or not!
We have our cable box set to automatically put VH1 classic on when it's turned on -- "We Are The 80s" is one of the most dependably entertaining blocks of tv around! Sometimes because they're playing stuff you remember (as in, "Look, it's Thomas Dolby"), sometimes because they're playing stuff you never saw (as in "There's a video for Pete Shelley's Homosapien?") and sometimes, because it's too hysterical for words (think: Honeymoon Suite, "She's A Lot Like You").