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time is shrinking

At least that's what it feels like. Regulars over at Evan's journal know that things have been even crazier than usual for us lately. Most of it seems very positive, we've been getting some minor but interesting jobs almost constantly. So we're feeling pretty upbeat. Just tired!!

And of course I'm actually stealing this time, since I'm supposed to be working on the new Dork trade. But I just wanted to pop in and say hey...

Here's a few links I've bookmarked and meant to write about:

a short but neat article on cosplay in Japan.

Finally, the birth-of-Astro article I was looking for, don't know why it took me so long to come across it.

Dirk Deppey covered the creepy sexualization of the Thundercats in the new DC comics; apparently he didn't see (if I had a copy I'd pass it along to him) the promo poster for the Thundercats/Battle of the Planets crossover book, which is, how shall I put this, a pretty clear-cut depiction of a sex act between Lion-O and the leader of the BoP team. And I mean, clear-cut. Keep an eye out for it, you'll be amazed.

via Megan Morrone's blog comes this really fantastic baby/kid clothes site. Know someone with a baby? Shop here! The punk pants absolutely slay me, and I've got to convince someone I know with a kid that they're a great idea!

Anyway, got to stop being a time thief. More soon!


I read the Battle Royale book a while ago and it was great! Although, I did have to read a couple of kids books afterward to get rid of my heebie jeebies.

I don't know if Cosplay scares me or fastinates me. Now Sarah, have you and Evan thought of doing a License deal with Action Girl and M&C for costumes?? Just for the fun of seeing those as costumes at Harajuku. Hey, if Bagge, Clowes, and Rodney Greenblat(?) can have their own toy lines, you guys should have something too!

I liked that Astro Boy article. Shure would like to go to where ever that photo at the bottom is!

Yeah, the BR novel is pretty harsh, it's an interesting contrast to the movie. I was surprised to see how faithful the movie had been, though!

Yeah, costumes would be great. Toys, all that stuff, but no-one loves us enough to want to do those things...

I'm thinking that the photo of astro is from the Tezuka museum, on the Tezuka site they announced that the birth would be re-enacted there. I want to see it too!!!

Isn't Merchandising fun! I seem to remember back in the old days sitting in the old Eternity offices with Brian and Tony and Evan, mulling over some kind of idea about Bosko or Sluggo brand sneakers!

I think you guys would have a better chance of having toys made in Japan. I hope this somehow happens! For now, I will be content with the Beer Mats and Fridge Magnets, Lunch boxes (where's the darn bowling shirts?!?!)
BTW, Have you guys given thought of having a button set made based on the front page buttons of HoF? Now those I would proudly wear!

Now I want to go to the Tezuka Museum!! Now when the Birthday of Gigantor/Iron Man 28 comes around, will they build a real sized one, complete with the raised crossed/arms power-up?

(who was in kindergarden when Gigantor and Astroboy first came to NYC all those years ago!!)

marc -- that is a button set! We sell them at conventions. But we have made exceptions for people who can't make any shows....