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talk about Extreme Homes

This über-Trekkie apartment for sale is just…so wrong. I'm speechless. See for yourself at the photo gallery, and if you love it, hey, go and respond to the for sale listing on ebay. It's only $2 million, in England, and totally insane. And people tell you not to even paint in wild colors if you want to sell. Actually, I'm sure no-one would bother to pursue this (then again, who knows?), but wouldn't selling an apartment that's basically a gigantic fan-made collectible be a serious bootlegging issue? I'm guessing trademark violation, although I'm not totally sure.


I've got one question. Where does his girlfriend put her makeup and toiletries?

Oh, right. He doesn't have a girlfriend...

If you want a Star Trek theme for your pad, why go for the lame-o Next Generation look? The original Star Trek sets were way cooler. A swinging bachelor pad patterned after Mr. Spock's quarters, with glittery curtains, crazy smoking idol, and that expanded-metal grate room divider, would be much more suave. This just looks like a dentist's office or something.


Yeah, I'd still think someone whose whole house was trek is crazy, but original bachelor-pad style would at least be fun. This place is so cold and creepy. Do you love the photos with the guy in his uniform or what?


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