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a little potpourri

For some reason, the last few days, everytime I've tried to sit down and write either my browser has flipped out (actually, it's not the browser, it's another certain resource hog of a program) or something's happened to distract me. So know I know I've got a bunch of links and things with no coherent idea of what I was going to say about them. So, I'll just get them out of the way and just get going again!

See, now that is exactly what I'm talking about. Just as I got to the end of that sentence, I had to leave off to discuss an important work call we got, by the time that was all finished with it was time to go fix dinner, and now it's a couple hours later. This lack of focus in my life is driving me nuts! I'll try again:

Ebay—we've got some art and stuff going on ebay (time to pay for that root canal!), a couple things are up right now.

Astro Boy's birthday (not the anniversary, his actual day of birth) is coming up in a little over a week. There've been nearly daily articles about it, this article is one of my favorites.

Have you seen Gamefly? Basically a NetFlix for gamers, looks like a great deal if you actually play games regularly, which I do not. (Since I can finish a game, oh, every 3-4 months at best, this isn't a good deal for me. I wish it was!)

This shopping site, Fred Flare has some neat stuff, but really. Five 25¢ superballs for $8? Are you kidding?

I've got a new regular read, thanks to Scrubbles. It's Abbie The Cat's blog. It reminds me of one of my favorite childood reads, I, Scheherazade, if it had been written by Kay Thompson rather than Douglass Parkhirst. (By the way, if you've ever read I, Scheherazade, yes, I really did read that as a "kid's" book and no, I did not get quite a few of those references. I still think it's a great book, I have my copy to this day. And I'd totally let a kid read it.)

The Gameboy Advance SP has shipped, how I am restraining myself I do not know. (Oh, yeah, that money-in-the bank issue…) I haven't actually seen one in person, so I'm curious to see the lit screen in action. I'm surprised to see that reviewers are wondering why Nintendo would bring this out when the GA is still pretty new. I think it's obvious that the GBA is for kids (colorful, cute, wide and easy to hold), the SP for, ahem, big kids.

And finally, I've mentioned Go Home Productions before—his recent mash-up "Ray of Gob" now has a video, amazingly enough. Download either track or video at his site while supplies last!


Actually my S.O. Christopher deserves the credit for finding Abbie the Cat's weblog -- because he's so wonderful and brilliant and has an excellent nose (for such things)!