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I see it...that light at the end of the tunnel...

It's been a rough weekend. I added a whole extra job on top of my completly full Kodocha schedule, and Evan has been struggling with his arm and neck pain to finish a new M&C strip. So, we've basically been working every moment we weren't asleep (and probably having nightmares about working, but I can't be sure) since last Friday. And our car battery is dead, and we don't even have the time to call AAA and sit outside and wait for them, so we couldn't go anywhere even if we wanted to. The only real interruption we've had all weekend was a lot of commotion last night because of an enormous manhunt after two cops were killed not too far from here. It started getting really freaky when they hadn't found the 3rd guy after over 5 hours and were still searching this area. We started (we were, remember, very tired) thinking he must be hiding around here under someone's house or something. Not a comforting thought at 1 am. But that was nothing compared to when Evan heard rustling behind the house at about 4 am, which turned out to be some (I think slightly drunk) guy trying to go up the stairs behind another house in the dark to get to his car. Whew. Talk about a long night. I won't even get started on the fact that these cops were murdered while trying to bust a 19-year old who sells machine guns. I understand that there are, in fact, perfectly good reasons someone might have a gun. But why does anyone need a submachine gun? Obviously not for any good. Anyway, I wasn't supposed to get started on that.

On HoF stuff: my proposal is finished, and it came out pretty alright. Here's hoping. Kodocha is just about done, (but it's not late yet so no big deal). I haven't had time to get involved with it here, but I've added a link to the RSS feed of Evan's journal for those of you who are interested. I expect to get around to it here, um...maybe next week. Oh, and there will be a M&C shirt, a reworking of the "Here They Come" shirt, available at a few Hot Topic stores sometime this month. More details on that when we get them.

And for those of you keeping track, no I did not find a good recipe for the luau yet. I never realized that luau recipes (and I'm looking in several places) are mainly just meat and dessert. Neither of which are needed. Phooey.


I'm not sure exactly what a luau is but when I was in Hong Kong we did a type of fondue. First you got one of those small portable gas stoves or hibachis (an electric one will do). Next you fill the pot with a broth of some sort (chicken, fish, veggie, etc.). Now everyone is given a bowl, a wire scoop, a small dish for soy sauce and their own set of chopsticks. Once that broth gets to a nice boil, people typically put tofu in there because the tofu is great at absorbing the flavour of the broth. Now items are placed though usually according to group type to avoid contamination. Items used include fish balls, meat balls, slices of raw beef and chicken, vermicelli or other types of noodles such as udon, lettuce or other types of vegetables such as bok choy. When one group goes in and is polished off, we wait until the broth boils some more to kill off any microbes and then something else is put in. In Hong Kong there are restaurants dedicated to this and it's pretty tasty stuff, just try to avoid getting left-overs as they're not good for the next day.

You're not sure why anyone would ever need a submachine gun? Why, when a full sized machine gun would just be too unwieldy, of course!

Considering the type of experience you and Evan had, you might want to check out any of the books by Gavin De Becker.

Mr. De Becker is an expert on violence and avoiding it. He's worked with the CIA and other security forces around the world. He also did a few shows on Oprah Winfrey. He's very insightful and comes with a lot of credibility and experience. I found the books to be quite reassuring and act as a voice of reason especially when talking about such an emotionally charged subject as violence.

I don't think the gun runner stands a chance of evading the police not after what he's done.

Could you do something with Pineapple or Cocoanut? I guess both of those ingredients would lend themselves towards dessert, but other than those two things and a roasted pig, what else would you eat at a luau?

Go to taroandti.com/recipes2.html for taro (or potato) soups, savories, and side dishes. Taro is a starchy tuber (I love saying that-- sounds like my Aunt Elaine) very much like a potato-- which means you could use them easily instead of taro roots!
Or get over to an Asian market and use the real thing!
(But don't confuse taro starch (pre-packaged in boxes) for real taro---I thought it would be like instant mashed potatoes. It was more like a $37 dry-cleaning bill.)
Your island-lovin' fan,

Michael - thanks for the book tip, I wrote that guy's name down to try and check his stuff out.

That dish you describe sounds a lot like a japanese hotpot meal that I cannot remember the name of...but it's delish!

on the luau, thanks for the tips, everyone...see comments in new post!

M&C Shirt
Hot Topic? Why? Don't you know that place is evil? I hope it will also be available through Previews for those of us who refuse to step foot in Hot Topic. Although, now that I think about it, maybe it will get some people into comic book stores for M&C comics. hmm....perhaps the very gothic cloud has a somewhat silver lining.

Paula -

Why? Several reasons. One, we've been trying to get a wedge in there for ages. They sell more SLG comics than most comic shops do, but so far none of our stuff. So, if this "test" run does okay, they may try more non-goth stuff (comics and merchandise).

Two, there's plenty of kids shopping in those stores that wouldn't be caught dead in a comic shop, even if they like comics. If we can get some of them interested enough to check stuff out, then yay!

And three, our t-shirts do not sell to comic stores. Because the discount is less, stores won't order them, and (I may be wrong here) but the last shirt we solicited actually had to be cancelled because it just couldn't make enough sales to break even. We sell tons of shirts at cons, and do well through mail order, but comic shops just don't work as a place to sell them. So, we figured, give them a try.

And now, back to salsa-making...

I know the reason we don't sell shirts at our store is because once they've been ordered, we can't send them back. So, it's really hard to order a shirt when you're not sure if it'll fit right or not and you have no options if it doesn't. My problem with shirts has been that they are never offered in a size that fits me or they only offer babydoll tees. I hate babydoll tees. >:(
You should find some way of sticking a note in the shirts about going to a comic book store if they like the shirt! ;D