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let it, well, you know…

So here we are, getting seriously snowed in, but with plenty of food and warmth and TV and videogames, so all is good. Here's more good things:

The cats are always desperately curious about the snow, so I reached out the back door and filled a jellyroll pan with fluffy new snow. Everyone sniffed and walked off except Mimsy, who stepped in it, sniffed it from every angle, ate some, slapped it out of the pan, and then proceeded to chase little snowballs I made for her all over the house, most chases ending with her batting the snowball into the air, catching it with both paws and then smacking it into her face. The things that entertain cats!

After being a big pain most of the day, the new computer and this one suddenly found each other on the network and my data migration has started. As long as all the peripherals move over fine, I'll be good to go in a day or two. Fingers crossed.

A goal of mine this year is to finish unfinished projects and get them out of the house, whether they're work, crafts, house, whatever. And I finished one on Friday night (neckwarmer I started knitting last year for Evan, unfortunately I worked on it while I was really sick and delirious, although if you don't know where to look you can't tell—and don't ask what possessed me to knit while I was out of my mind on medication and feverish), and #2 is almost finished as of last night (baby hat for one of the current or future nephews & nieces, just needs a pompom). Progress is good!

I found a book I'd been looking for at Book Closeouts for $4 (marked down from $30!). Now if I can just restrain myself from ordering 20 books to go along with it…

And, finally (although that's not all that's good), for Valentine's Day I got (among other swell things) the Nintendo Wavebird controller I've been lusting for, which just proves how completely well-matched Evan & I are. And if you have a Gamecube, go get yourself a Wavebird right now, I can't even begin to describe how great it is.


Well, we've been enduring light rain and sub-sixty-five degree weather here in California, so we too have been suffering through life-stopping weather. ;) But seriously, given how long it has been since we've seen snow, we would probably react in a similar way if a plate of the stuff were put in front of us.
So, pity us, the snow-deprived, and make a few snowmen for us. Just be sure to give 'em extra arms and eyes so that you can be the first on your block to have Hindu snow-gods in your front yard.

Here's something that's depressing,
yet kinda funny and helpful at the
same time. www.ihatemylife.us

I have to give the guy kudos for
sticking it out like that.