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I'm in luck!

As it turns out, Far From Heaven isn't closing tomorrow (at our local theater, anyway). It runs until Friday, and then goes to an evening-only schedule. So looks like I get to see it after all—'cause it certainly looks like a film one must in a theater…although I'm sure I'll want my own copy just to drool over the sets and clothes, if nothing else.

Speaking of films, we scored two of the new Disney Treasures sets at Costco last week—the Behind the Scenes compilation and Mickey Mouse in Black and White. There's a third set, the Complete Goofy as well, but while some of the early Goofy shorts are entertaining, I really don't need to see them ever again. We haven't watched much more than some of the supplemental material, but they look great. But they've got to do the Donald set already!

And speaking of the 1950s…who doesn't love those old phone exchanges? I've been checking in to the Telephone EXchange Name Project for ages, and there's so many entries now that if you aren't on an original exchange, you can certainly find one that'll match. Why tell people your number is 555-1212 when you can say "EL Dorado 5-1212"? I was pretty excited to discover that we are on an original exchange for our area that dates back to 1931.