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living on a budget

Isn't everyone living on a budget? Well, everyone I know is, anyway. In fact, it's now a lifestyle niche, apparently, since there's a new magazine, Budget Living, devoted to people who thrift and budget but are working professionals. Or something like that. Actually, their press packet stuff is pretty vomit-inducing (I don't even want to know anyone who would describe their house or apartment as "chic, if slightly funky") but: a friend of mine and I have been talking about this after seeing it written up a bunch of places, and I finally found a copy a few days ago and read it last night. And it's actually a pretty neat magazine. I didn't love it 100%, but I loved it more than most "lifestyle" or "decor" magazines I see, that's for sure. Unlike Martha, the crafts are accessible and quick, unlike Real Simple they write up items that are actually inexpensive. (I have gotten some great ideas, not to mention recipes, from Real Simple, but it drives me aboslutely mad when they have an article that basically says that "everyone" of course just must own a cashmere sweater, and here's a selection ranging up to $600. Simple, maybe, but doesn't speak to me at all.) The how-to stuff was better than anything I've seen in a US magazine, and the overall vibe was pretty great (completely unlike their online sales talk).

Anyway, my real point in posting this is not to tell you that you must go check it out, but to bring up an offer they are running—every $15 one-year sub can add up to 5 "gift" subs for $1 each. Obviously designed to inflate their subscription numbers to get more ads, but so what? It means that if you pool 6 people together a magazine that costs $24 a year on the newstands becomes just $3.34 for a year. Which, if you ask me, is good budgeting. So if you have read or seen Budget Living and you're interested in going in on our subscription pool, please drop me a line.

And you know, speaking of budgeting, it strikes me that it's only what, 7 days to Xmas? And I have nothing wrapped, and I have still got a few last things to buy. Yikes. Finding the time should be loads of fun. Usually I love the holidays, but this year…it's just kind of laming out. Oh well, maybe I'll get the spirit by next week!

Oh, yes, and by semi-popular demand, the kitty category is back!