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My righteous ire

I went to check on our eBay auctions today and noticed one item had dropped in price. "Hmm," I thought to myself, "I guess someone pulled their bid." I didn't mind, I realize things can happen, so I went to the listing to see what was up. I saw the person's retraction, and then I started to get mad because: their reason for pulling the bid was that they were unable to contact me. Which is just such a lie, since the email link on the page works fine - and there're links to this site and the HOF site, with even more email links. And this lie annoyed me, because I know as a buyer on ebay, if someone said a seller was impossible to get hold of it would make me hesitant about bidding…and then I recognized their ID as someone who had bid on a piece of Evan's art, which means that they knew perfectly well how to contact us and that they were in fact, or at least one would guess, a fan…which somehow made it so much more personal and annoying. I didn't take it quite so personally when I saw they retract bids all the time, but it was still annoying. I mean, why lie and make someone look bad if you supposedly like their work?

And then, looking into the best way to handle it (I decided to simply add in the listing that we were easily contactable, if that's real English, if anyone was worried) I started coming across all this info about the huge amounts of fraud going on through eBay, both sellers and buyers. So wow did that make me feel secure. Nothing but money orders from total strangers, that's all I'm saying…

Thank goodness we meet a ton of cool readers for every clinker. Okay. My Evan moment is over. Wow, how about all that snow, huh? ^_^