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not so glamourous

Well, today we made one run at the mall for a little Xmas shopping, and I have a few things to report:

The Glamourette doesn't quite cut it in person. The colors are great, the makeup seems good, the thing itself is adorable…but the lipstick is the deal-breaker. It's tiny and cheap-feeling, and I couldn't get it to lock in place. Still a great gift idea, especially for someone who's going to keep it on a dressing table. But not as great as I thought it would be. I skipped it (but that's okay, I got an Amelie Kubrick for myself instead).

Old Navy is an absolute hole. It's so horrible. But they've got some great men's pants on sale right now.

The promo they're running in Best Buy for the Glengarry Glen Ross DVD is hysterical, since it has to be 100% "clean". So, basically they tell you something about the DVD, then cut to a shot of…someone pausing. Or saying one or two weird and out-of-context words.

And I am almost completely finished with Xmas, aside from a few small things. Next, my favorite part: wrapping!