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that hotlinking scum…

My, how time does fly! Kodocha volume five is off to be lettered, and I'll be starting on 6 this week. Woke up achy today from working out back (found and pulled out bunch of buried rocks—they were definitely put there on purpose, but what purpose is a mystery to me…) Got some work done and then spent several annoying hours (okay, one or two) after discovering that someone had hammered us with some stupendous bandwidth theft. Basically, someone hotlinked to a rather large image on the site and proceeded to use it as an avatar all over the place. I also discovered that the new server the site was moved to recently (same host, new machines) was having trouble recognizing some directories, which is why the images weren't protected. You know, (rant mode on), it's one thing to copy a graphic and use it because you love it so much. But to hammer someone's traffic every time you make any post anywhere… That is just so wrong. It's like having someone steal your wallet and then charge you $5 for the privilege. Grrrrr. However, I'd just like to keep thinking this guy was totally clueless, instead of a malicious clod.