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Shanghai Babies

Ah, the heatwave has broken at last.

On a "diary" kick—yesterday I came across a reprint online of a long-forgotten book called The Unexpurgated Diary of a Shanghai Baby by an apparently long-forgotten humor writer named Elsie McCormick. All I can find out about her was that she was an American living in Shanghai in the early 20s, and that she wrote at least two books of humor while there. Shanghai Baby is really funny, not so much for the portrait-of-Old-China stuff but for the baby-thinks-its-parents-are-idiots stuff, which if you've seen any baby with new parents doesn't seem too unrealistic to me. Disclaimer: yes, it is 1920s humor, so keep its era in mind.

Forgot to watch the premiere of Thunderbirds on TechTV yesterday. Did, however, remember to enter their contest.