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The best design institute

As I predicted, I completely forgot about the existence of the Anna Nicole car-wreck show until a mention today in Entertainment Weekly (apparently, her assistant has a tattoo of her face—ewww!!)

For actual entertainment yesterday, I spent far more time then I should have at the Chrysler Design Institute which has some truly amazing archival material available. You can access a history of concept and limited production cars going back to the 30s, with photos, information, and in some cases extras like original concept sketches. Some of the info is truly fascinating—for example, did you have a clue that the 1952 Crown Imperial Limo was color-coded by city for parades? (Black for NYC, green for Detroit and cream for Chicago.) I sure didn't. Some other fun facts: Lana Turner owned one of only five 1940 Newport LeBarons; and the 1953 D'Elegance came with luggage matched to its upholstery. Extras like wallpaper and e-cards are available as well (do not miss the 1941 Thunderbolt wallpaper!). A lot of work has gone into this, and I for one appreciate it.