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friday freebie -- pattern giveaway 3!!

180px-Feliz.jpg 180px-Anna.jpg

It's time for giveaway number THREE to celebrate the launch of the farbenwiki! Once again, I've got a pair of patterns (courtesy of Nancy Langdon of StudioTantrum/Fledge) -- an Anna and a Feliz. These are 'scratch and dent" patterns that had folding issues; so they come without the usual ribbon tags and have their titles crossed out to prevent their sale, just so you know. But they are perfectly usable and will make fabulous dresses! All you have to do is comment on this entry or email me (and mention the giveaway!) by Monday morning -- and if you don't win, there will be one last chance next weekend!! And please spread the word...so we can spread the love!

And Rebecca is this week's winner! Please come back next Friday for the last set of patterns! Thanks!

What did you say?

great prize i'd love to win

These are the most amazing little patterns! Count me in!

Have a great weekend!

nice. thanx.

want to win this

enter me

Oh, Sarah, count me in, count me in! Then maybe I'll get an excuse to do some sewing! :)

wow i would love to try and win this so i may make my little one some thing realy nice thanks

These patterns are so great! Thanks.

Very nice patterns!

Those are adorable

Great patterns!

I CAN sew. *LOL* With these patterns I just might like it! Thanks.

I loved your Roxy- the orange and black are great together!

Beautiful! I would love to make these for my daughters!!!!

Lovely patterns. Simple and girlie. Sure to be a family favorite,either one!!

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