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jump rope roxy

Another project has been marked off my Fall sewing list!

roxy in action

This is the farbenmix Roxy tunic/dress pattern, made with some really cute "Katie Jump Rope" Denise Schmidt fabric I got last Xmas (thanks, Hallie!), which I have been itching to use. It's paired with a dot fabric from Quilt Gate I bought a ton of early this year (it went out of print, but I love it as an accent or trim so I stocked up). Unfortunately, I couldn't get an invisible zipper in the orange, so I used a regular one, and I really am not thrilled with that. But, it's not like Emily cares!

Front view:


Back view:


It's finished with some eyelet trim I ran through my new ruffler foot. I also used some rick rack edged elastic on the sleeves, which is cute but was a bit of a pain. I love the pattern -- no adjustments necessary, and the fit is fantastic. The princess seams went together like magic, and the bit of flare it has at the hem is just perfect. I might try puffing the sleeves a bit more next time, but that's just for fun, not because it needs it. And it got raves from Emily! A Roxy will definitely be on the Spring planning list (if I go that long without making another!)

What did you say?

LOVE that!!! Now I think I'm going to have to put a Roxy on my list lol! Where did you find your ruffler foot? I'm looking at one on ebay, as Ellie is begging for a pettiskirt for Christmas... I swear, what's up with these kids and their refusaly to ask for *ordinary* things? LOL!

WOW! That is STUNNING! What a lucky little girl!!!

Sarah, I lurvvvve it! I went on a scramble thinking "do I have that pattern?", no, "do I have it ordered?", YES! Whew relief...now I can look forward to making one too.

I love that color, combo and it looks awesome on Emily!

Oh my gosh, that is darling! Very interesting pattern and color combo. Perfect for fall! She looks so cute!

Thanks all! it's one of my favorites so far, definitely! And Catherine, I got my ruffler foot on ebay -- $19 including shipping, and seems perfectly fine to me!

What a seriously beautiful dress! I love the width of the skirt, and the fabric combination! Perfect! Emily looks so cute in it! :)

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