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what's up, baby cheetah?

Here's a possibly-finished work-in-progress:

cheetah quiara

It's a top for Emily, made from some cotton baby rib and some recycled fabric from a favored pair of "cheetah" PJs (which I know some of you will recognize!). The pattern is QUIARA from Farbenmix, which I have made before and really like. The problem? The kitty's face. We all have different opinions on how to finish it. I was thinking maybe button eyes, but I couldn't find any buttons I liked. Evan likes it the way it is. And Emily thinks every little detail should be embroidered in. Any suggestions? (I'm starting to think that if it sits long enough, my lazy streak will win out the more we will all get used to it and decide to leave it as is.)

By the way, this shirt was the start of my Fall/Winter sewing! And if it's done, it's the first thing I finished on my Fall sewing list. Yay!

What did you say?

What about a bell on the neck? Hee hee! I think button eyes would be sweet but honestly it's really nice the way it is!

I can see why Emily wants the detailed embroidery (I can just see a cute kitty face), but I'm kinda digging it the way it is. I like the silhouette.

I say consider it done! :-)

LOVE! Such a cute shirt. I like the kitty just the way it is! But I can see a bit of embroidery would also be cute. :)

How about button eyes and embroidered whiskers? A compromise.

Ha! I think a bell on the neck would be awesome, for about 5 minutes anyway before we all went crazy from it....

I think the final decision is leave it be...maybe next time do the kitty in a solid color and embroider that one. So I think this kitty shape will be reappearing soon!

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