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this is ... what I do with a spare 10 minutes

Okay, so this is all getting to be a little too philosophical for me, I mean, what is spare time, really? Do I have any? No, I just have stolen time. Because I have a list of things that need to get done that stretches ahead of me interminably. I could say that I read , but actually reading is kind of on my list of things to do these days as in "oops, this book is due Monday, I'd better finish it now or give up!" Really, I don't want to examine my life this way right now.

But the truth is, every moment that I can steal or spare, I try to spend on this:

muno rocks!!

having fun with Emily. What better use of time?

This week's This Is... theme brought to you by hoppobumpo.

What did you say?

And she's even in the Muno dress!

Flynn's former preschool teacher recently asked me what I'm doing with all my "free time" now that both kids are in school all day. What free time? I do, on occasion, find a few unoccupied minutes during the day. So I read. Or fruit around on the 'net.

Or, like this morning, shop-vac water out of my basement as it's pouring in through the window. That was fun.

That photo is too cute! That is definitely a fine way to spend a spare (or stolen) ten minutes!

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