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swapping...and I don't mean aprons

I can't believe I keep forgetting to post about this! I got an email last week scouting me to appear on that show Wife Swap; apparently they're looking for some families/wives who are collectors of some sort and came across my old guide to female action figures. So they contacted me to see if I'd be interested -- how freaky! I can't imagine actually doing a show like that -- even if I was willing to look like an idiot on tv for money, I don't really like the idea of putting small kids on tv since they can't make that decision for themselves. But still, a fast $20K? Good thing Emily isn't old enough or I might have been tempted! That's a lot of college fund...and I guess that's how people talk themselves into doing things like that. You can guess at the jokes Evan made when I told him about the email.


you know, as horrible (and car-crash-riffic) as those shows are, I would pay insaaaaane amounts of money to see evan do one. i can only imagine what kind of ridiculously awesome insanity would ensue.


well he was imagining it himself -- some poor woman is here for a week and he's like "scan this"!! "color this!!" and she's just like "help this man is crazy!"

Personally I'm really curious about the "collector" angle -- I can only imagine they were looking for collectors that would hate each other's stuff! (Precious Moments, anyone?)

OK, that is FUNNY! And i bet ya'll would have been a heck of alot more amusing to watch than the the usual! ;) BUt i don't blame you for not doing it, i think i would have a complete meltdown if i had to be away from my family like that and have some strange woman in "my place". Ugh.

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