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frustration! and snow!

No updates lately because not only are we completely overwhelmed with work at the moment, but the ongoing connection problem will...not...go...AWAY. So every post I have tried to make just crashes, and the backup of links is enormous. Next break I get I will probably try and just do a link dump again to catch up. Soon, I swear, even if I have to switch to DSL to do it! We did at least finally get up photos and info on the status of the Milk and Cheese vinyl figures. Mitch did an amazing sculpting job, I think they look fantastic!!

And at least we have lots of pretty snow to look at right now!



I know you think I'm crazy but I am JEALOUS of your pretty snow. We had a few flakes here over the weekend but that was it. :(
I miss the snow.

Here's hoping your evil internet connection comes back soon!!

ohhh! the snow looks lovely! wouldn't want to be in it but looking at it is nice!

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