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back in action!

Okay, comments are finally fixed, although I may have to implement some better anti-spam measures since a comment spam blizzard is what messed things up here.

A quick aside: is everyone on the planet going to be working for a manga company soon?

walt_disney_best_loved.JPGSince I closed all the old comments, I wanted to get back to one thread -- the Kiddie Records project thing. We went through our records again recently to sort and purge and I found the record I was talking about! It's called "Best Loved Fairy Tales", produced by Disney in the early 60s (and rereleased with a book around 1970) and featured Rica Moore narrating a group of fairy tales over bass and bongos. And pretty weird...I coudn't find much out about Rica other than she was a singer for Ray Coniff and did several Disney recordings. No sign of it ever being released on CD, and my copy was well-thrashed (it's amazing it survived, actually, my brother and I played the hell out of our small record collection!) so I'm happy to report that I scored a clean copy on ebay just days later, and assuming there's either still a turntable in the house or I manage to digitize the tracks, Emily will get to hear my favorite record too!