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HK phones and WFMU

hknokia.gif This Hello Kitty phone from Nokia & Cingular would have been my dream phone once upon a time (okay, it still kind of is, except that I have this really nice LG phone and a Verizon service plan....) and must be the dream phone of a bunch of other people too. This is the NYC phone, but they also have them on the West Coast and one or two other areas. There's also an actual HK credit card, but I lost that link....the things you can get these days astounds me. All this stuff used to be so difficult to track down (although some of it still is!).

In other news, today is the last day of the WFMU marathon. If you're a listener that hasn't pledged, please do so! And if you're not a listener, go check out the archives and find out why WFMU is the most essential radio that there is today.