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Children's Land

Floating around the blogosphere is this virtual exhibit of Kodomo no Kumi (Children's Land), a 1920s children's art magazine from Japan. Really worth a look -- some amazing design and illustration was in this mag. I haven't even been able to look through the whole site but I can already say, if someone did a coffee-table book reprinting this art I'd be so there!


Very nice pics inddeed. Considering how much Japanese stuff you post up here, have you guys thought about taking a short holiday over in Japan?

Absolutely! But even if we could afford it, there's no way I can see Evan managing a flight that long anytime in the near future....hopefully someday, and someday before we're 80!

Not really connected, but since Sarah posted about Dream Pets earlier I thought I'd mention that those who like them maybe should go get them while you can.

Sadly, I think this might spell the end of Applause, which has been in trouble for some time:


Also, I made a brief quicktime mov of Sarah & Evan's figures at the SubCultures display at SDCC, for those who are interested.