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We missed most of the convention coverage (that would be Democrats, not San Diego) although Evan's been listening to some of the speeches on the radio. We did get to hear most of Kerry's speech in the car and then watch the end of it. I'm sure everyone had something different (that they liked or didn't) jump out at them. For me it was the line (I'm sure I'm misquoting) "we need a president who believes in science!!" I'm so there in November, and I hope you all will be too.


that science line was great.

Greg Palast talks about the speech here:

Two Johns for President! I'm pretending that the Johns I'm going to vote for are not Kerry and Edwards, rather Flansberg and Linnell.

interesting commentary, thanks for the link! I think it's a shame that no-one will ever get far enough to run for president (with a real chance, I mean) unless they're, well, a bit of a scumbag. But, a little bit of a scumbag is better than a huge scumbag. I think, in fact, that's how I've been voting since I first got my voter's card...